Reshoot Guarantee

It is normal to have some anxiety about getting a headshot. Paying a session fee when you are not a fan of having your photo taken might increase that worry. You will be spending time away from other obligations, putting effort into preparing yourself, and perhaps purchasing wardrobe specifically for the session. So after all of that, you might worry that your photos won't turn out.

Don't worry!

Our Re-Shoot Guarantee allows you to come in for your session, be photographed, and then look at your images. If you don't like what you see, we can re-group and schedule another day so we can make changes and give it another try.

Disappointment in your image options can happen when you don't communicate your needs before your session date, you didn't have time to read the Getting Ready guide, you didn't bring enough clothes, or you didn't get enough sleep the night before.

I understand that life happens, and I truly want you to have the best images possible. So if you find yourself in the studio and things just aren't lining up, let's just do a re-shoot. I admit, it's not common -- it's only happened three time in the last five years -- but it definitely produced some amazing images the second time around. So don't worry! I'm here to make this happen for you!


  1. Client must show up for the scheduled session
  2. Any/all images from the first session will be deleted