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Headshots and Business Branding

For confident, talented people with an allergy to cameras.

You've worked hard to get where you are!
You should look confident and approachable in your headshot.


I'm Jennifer James-Long

I'm here to:

  • Bring out the best in you

    You don't need to "grin and bear it" here. You will receive expression coaching and full guidance on what to do each step of the way.

  • Make your session easy

    Your job is to be the best you can be in your field of expertise. As a photographer for ten years, it's MY job to remove barriers and confusion to ensure you are camera-ready.

  • Make awesome headshots

    Experience, professional lighting, gear and advice on image choice will set you apart from the glut of unprofessional camera phone snapshots.


Everyone needs headshots!

More than ever, your confidence and approachability should shine through in your headshot.

  • Business Headshots

    Business Headshots

    Doctor, Attorney, Real Estate, Corporate
    See Pricing

  • Actor Headshots

    Actor Headshots

    Theater, Stage, Movie, Commercial
    See Pricing

  • Group Headshots

    Team, Employee, Office, Volume
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How It Works:



Tell me about what you need, and we'll schedule your session.



We'll help you prepare your wardrobe with an in-home consultation, plus a preparation guide for the days ahead.


Photo Day

You will receive expression coaching every step of the way with close attention to details like hair, skin and clothing.


Receive Your Images

Receive your images retouched and optimized. All images are free from any logos.

Let's talk!

I'd love to meet you on the phone and learn about what's happening in your world and how I can help you. You might just need a headshot, or you might need a portfolio of images to grow your marketing and advertising options.

Contact Me


What can you expect when you schedule a session?

Easy Prep!

The first date we schedule is your in-home wardrobe styling appointment. This service eliminates any confusion you might feel about what to wear. We'll help you feel confident about your styling and ensure you look great!


Face coaching!

I guide you each step of the way. We work together to find your best range of expressions and work from set to set, taking small breaks for wardrobe changes and to stay refreshed.

Professional Business Headshot Photographer

Steps Toward a Range of Expressions

I coach you in small steps until you're having fun and feeling relaxed. After you're warmed up, that's when the magic starts to happen.

Professional Photographer near Eugene

Select your winning images

Take advantage of my experience when you choose your images. I've seen a lot of faces and I can help you find your best images. It's a no-pressure selection situation. You only purchase the images you love -- and if you find that you love a lot of them, I have package pricing and convenient financing available. (Details on the pricing page.)

Eugene Headshot Photographer

Amy Cameron
Jennifer is a true professional--she has a state-of-the art studio and yet she somehow manages to feel like an old friend who can get you to relax in front of the camera. She was patient with me and coached me through the whole session. I am super pleased with the results and would hire her again without a doubt.