Wolf Spirits Distillery

Jennifer Beer and Spirits

Wolf Spirits is a Eugene Distillery currently specializing in vodka. They wanted an outdoors, Oregon feel to this composite image. I chose to make a Moscow Mule with this brand because the copper cup matched the wolf sticker on the front of the bottle. I planned movement in the image via water, because what is Oregon without rain? I rigged up a shallow pool in my studio and turned on a hose from a spigot outside my studio door. I shot several hundred images and chose 9 to composite into a final foreground. I wanted Wolf Spirits Distillery to have the flexibility of having a forested background or a plain black background, which really highlights the water drops, or active rain on black. For the background, I went to Silver Falls on a rainy day (where my younger brother was running a 50k race that day and won first place!) and spent about an hour walking around the dripping forest taking images specifically with this composite in mind. This final composite allows for several framing options depending on the planned ad size: vertical or horizontal. This makes it easier to reuse the image in several ways, which maximizes the investment in the cost of creation.

This is billed as a 5-hour project even though it took time to source each of the props (which become part of my inventory) and purchase prop food (which is perishable), about four hours in the studio photographing and then taking a drive to Silver Falls. After that, I spent about 6 hours reviewing, culling and finalizing image choices, then retouching and compositing the different elements together to form these final image options. All-in-all I spent about 17-20 hours on this project.